Dealing with drug addiction is extremely difficult for everyone involved. When an addict abuses drugs and alcohol, they are not only hurting themselves, but also their family.  When family members try to help an addict, they often end up becoming enablers and make the problem even worse.  In addition to having to watch their loved one struggle with addiction, they must encourage them to seek help without alienating them and making their addictions even worse.  There are also many other problems they must face when dealing with an addiction problem of someone close to them.  Family members and close friends of addicts have to deal with jealousy, partner conflicts, emotional trauma, infidelity, conflicts with children, health problems, separation, and money conflicts.

Drug Rehab Center Bethlehem now offers family therapy programs to help addicts and their loved ones resolve their issues. Encouraging those close to addicts to work through the various problems the addiction has caused can bring a sense of unity and closure during the rehab process. Families that participate in this program often see positive results. Addicts tend to respond better when they have a solid support system. Sometimes speaking with counselors and therapists isn’t enough. Few people understand the addict better than their own family members and close friends.

If someone close to you is currently struggling with substance abuse, you know addiction is not just their problem and that it affects everyone they are close to. If your family is being torn apart by a drug or alcohol abuse, take the first step in stopping the chaos by encouraging your loved one to seek help for their addiction at a reputable treatment facility. Call Drug Rehab Center Bethlehem today at (484) 821-3297 or email for more information.


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